Trying to Carpe diem

I am a versatile professional who specializes in empowering businesses with digital solutions. With expertise in software engineering consulting, I provide valuable guidance and support to companies seeking to enhance their technological capabilities. Additionally, I excel as a host, author, poet, and photographer. This diverse skill set allows me to creatively express my thoughts and ideas through various mediums.

As a host, I engage audiences and facilitate insightful conversations. As an author, my writings offer valuable insights and knowledge. As a poet, I capture emotions and experiences through the power of words. And as a photographer, I have a keen eye for capturing captivating visuals.

Overall, my wide range of skills and experiences make me a valuable asset in the world of digital solutions and creative expression.


Statusneo: Senior Software Engineering Consultant

1. As a Product Lead at NerdyBio and QueryButler, I spearheaded and drove the success of significant projects, resulting in substantial improvements to product offerings at both organizations.

2. During my involvement with a prominent blue-chip firm, I played a key role in developing a consultant tool that effectively reduced their workload by an impressive 70%, showcasing my ability to deliver impactful solutions.

3. My experience as a senior software engineer equipped me with a robust skill set encompassing Python, React, WebSocket, REST, GraphQL, and AWS, enabling me to contribute to diverse technical projects.

4. With a keen understanding of system architecture, database schema, and sprint planning, I consistently ensured the successful execution of projects and actively participated in crucial decision-making processes related to technology and user experience, making significant contributions to project success.

IoT83: Software Engineer

1. As a Full Stack Developer, I utilized the Spring Boot technology stack to design and develop analytics products dedicated to device monitoring, ensuring the creation of user-friendly front-end interfaces, efficient RESTful APIs, and optimized database management for real-time data analysis.

2. Collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams, I played a pivotal role in the development process, working alongside colleagues to achieve project objectives and deliver high-quality solutions.

3. My commitment to ongoing improvement was evident in my dedication to staying updated with industry best practices, conducting rigorous testing, and actively contributing to the continuous enhancement of the products, ensuring they remained at the forefront of technology and user experience.

Professionals Unplugged

with a vision to create a platform where diverse voices could converge, sharing their stories to inspire, motivate, and uplift others from the outset, I believed in the transformative power of storytelling and the inherent value within each individual's narrative. Through podcast I try to share people's insight because every story matters. Professionals Unplugged is the platform where career and stories converge.

My Promise

At ‘Professionals Unplugged,’ we understand that every professional journey is unique. That’s why we bring you interviews that inspire, inform, and entertain. Our goal is to humanize the experts by showcasing their vulnerabilities, passions, and humor. By doing so, we aim to provide valuable insights to our viewers.

My Topics

At 'Professionals Unplugged,' we believe that the most unexpected places often hold the greatest insights. That’s why we bring you captivating interviews with individuals from a diverse range of careers. Whether you're fascinated by cutting-edge technology, enchanted by stage performances, intrigued by the artistry of photography, or curious about the complexities of directing, we have something for you. We're here to showcase that success comes in many forms, and it's the unique journeys that make these stories so compelling.