Dissecting the Role of a CTO with Joseph Jude | Insights on Culture, Talent, and Team Innovation

In this episode, we cover: The meaning behind each term in "Chief Technology Officer", The significance of company culture and its impact on success, Strategies for hiring and retaining top talent, The application of design thinking and scenario planning in solving complex problems, Building gravitas through the WINS framework, Wealth, Insights, Network, and Self-control.

Dr. Aloysia Ogle: Protea Professional Writing | Leveraging AI

In this episode, Dr. Ogle delves into: Her multifaceted career in forensic medicine, How she leverages AI as a powerful tool in daily life, Personal insights and challenges in raising a child with autism, The inspiration behind her book on parenting a child with autism, Tips on teaching and public speaking.

Unlocking Learning Potential: Sara Haboubi on NLP, Dyslexia, and Visual Strengths

Key Topics Covered: Harnessing visual strengths for learning, Mainstream and learning support strategies, The impact of NLP on dyslexia and other learning difficulties, Sara Haboubi's personal and professional journey, Practical tips for educators and parents.

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